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Have you found a snake and you don't know how to act? Illes control is a company specialized in the control of fauna and specifically snakes.

The problem

Although there are snakes that have been introduced to the Balearic Islands and are currently classified as an invasive species that is harmless to humans, although harmful to the native fauna of the place, that when the presence of it is perceived, It must be captured, to avoid its reproduction and that it can feed on the autochthonous fauna.


There are many cases of introduction of snakes around the world, but when they get naturalized they are very difficult to eliminate, although it is possible to reduce the density and so on. minimize the impact on biodiversity.

Snakes of the Balearics

GARRIGA SNAKE (Macroprotodon mauritanicus)

  • Small eyes with the pupil oval vertically.
  • Gray or cream dorsal coloration with dark spots following a regular design.
  • Yellow or pink ventral coloration with quadrangular spots.
  • Dark spot on the neck, as a "necklace that does not join dorsally.
  • Elongated spot behind and below each eye.

WATER SERPENT (Natrix maura)

  • Up to 95 cm wide
  • Dorsal line in zigzag and ocellated side spots.
  • Yellow or orange ventral part with black spots.
  • Aquatic customs. Swimmer and diver.
  • When threatened, blows, widens the head and ribs.

WHITE SNAKE (Zamenis scalaris)

  • Small, dark eyes with an elongated posterior spot that ends at the corner of the mouth.
  • Light dorsal coloration (cream or orange) with two parallel dark lines. In juveniles, these lines are intermittently joined by horizontal dark bands forming a repetition of the letter H.
  • Dark ventral part in juveniles and white in adults.
  • Climber.

HORSESHOE SNAKE (Hemorrhois hippocrepis)

  • Very variable dorsal coloration, with a row of large central hexagonal spots framed in black.
  • One lateral spot between every two lats.
  • Ventral coloration yellow or orange with well defined lateral spots.
  • Horseshoe-shaped spot just behind the head.
  • A dark band joins the eyes.
  • Climber.
  • Up to 185 cm long

GREEN SNAKE (Malpolon monspessulanus)

  • Dorsal coloration greenish or greyish with a large dark bluish spot in the anterior half of the body, which is preserved in adult males.
  • Yellow or greenish ventral coloration.
  • very pronounced scale on Pull.
  • Up to 200 cm in length