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The problem

From the point of view of public health and by regulation, the presence of insects, apart from being annoying and uncomfortable, is a risk factor, because they can be dangerous and / or harmful, even involving economic losses. micas and even the closure of an establishment, therefore its control is necessary.

I need a company to eliminate my mosquito problem

Summer is coming and with it, the arrival of mosquitoes, especially in coastal areas, marshes or with nearby water. We have a wide variety of mosquitoes and the one that is Getting a great fame for a few years is the annoying tiger mosquito. Its bite does not leave us indifferent, in some cases it leaves us a good mark in addition to its itching.

The mosquito uses its elongated appendage located on the head to pierce the skin, inject an anticoagulant and suck the blood. The injected substances are what produce these annoying bites. When they bite us, they can transmit diseases such as malaria, dengue or Nile fever.

Whatever mosquito is bothering you, we kill it
Whatever mosquito is bothering you, we kill it

There are a large number of types of mosquito. The best known or, rather, the ones that we can find more frequently are:

  • Common mosquito or Culex pipiens: This is usually the most numerous and common mosquito plague.
  • Tiger mosquito or Aedes albopictus: It is an invasive species that comes from Asia.
  • Dengue or yellow fever mosquito or Aedes aegypti: This mosquito is the main culprit in the transmission of these diseases.
  • Mosquito of the pitcher plant: It is the typical one that looks for ponds to lay its eggs.


Mosquito treatments

The treatments offered by Illes Control to end this annoying plague are specific treatments or treatments that require capture or permanent preventive surveillance for which insect cutters and / or specific capture machines are installed that turn out to be very effective.
All treatments are aimed at avoiding economic, material and hygienic-sanitary damage in any commercial, industrial, urbanization, housing, hospital, health center, residence, nursery, school, institute, reception center, etc.

  • Spraying with a specific product for the elimination of this type of pest both indoors and outdoors.
  • Installation of machines (insectocutors) to catch the flying insects present in the room where it is installed

The treatments carried out are:

  • Thorough inspection and review of the affected area and environment to be able to correctly identify the pest to be treated.
  • Determination of the causes of the appearance and design of the most ideal and effective treatment for the situation.
  • Execution of the treatment with follow-up: revisits, reviews and maintenance depending on the treatment to be applied, with application of control measures and monitoring of the affected area and environment.
  • Specific treatment with the placement of traps such as the installation of the machine, BG-Mosquitaire CO2, very effective, ecological and respectful with the environment