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I get cockroaches from the corners

We all know cockroaches and we also know one of the most common sayings that surround this insect with glamor and that is that it is said that they would survive the atomic bomb. Currently we know more than 4500 species of cockroaches, where we can find different types of size and even different ways of feeding, although most are omnivores.

Regarding reproduction, it is known that the female lays eggs in an ootheca (egg mass). In our case, the Germanic cockroach lays approximately 30-40 eggs, which indicates the proliferation power and the headache that this entails. To such an extent that in 2015 a total of 24,000 calls were answered in the Balearic Islands to deal with a cockroach problem.

The problem with cockroaches

Cockroaches are a serious problem in urban areas. Cockroach infestations are common at some times of the year.

Cockroaches usually live in areas where there is a warm temperature and it is a type of pest that reproduces easily, so immediate intervention by a professional is very important.

There are different types of cockroaches, the most common in our society is the Germanic or commonly known as the blonde cockroach because of its yellowish color. This cockroach is the one that usually sneaks into our homes, which is why it becomes one of the most widespread pests in the world.

This type of insect requires a series of actions to put an end to the plague they generate since its constitution protects it from the dangers that can end its life

German cockroach or commonly called blond cockroach
German cockroach or commonly called blond cockroach

What can I do with the roach infestation?

There are many products and insecticides on the market that can solve specific cases of cockroaches. The problem is when these conventional methods do not stop the proliferation of these pesky critters. At Illes Control we have maintenance and monitoring plans focused on controlling cockroach pests, putting an end to the reproduction and proliferation of cockroaches.

If you have a bar, a restaurant or any type of business where you need to keep these insects at bay even in your home ... do not hesitate to ask us for a quote without any kind of commitment.

We issue a treatment certificate:

In the case of hospitality, catering or food companies, we can perform HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points following health regulations (Norm 43)

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Blond cockroach- Blatella germà © nica

They are insects with a depressed, flat body with wings on the back and long legs with spines. Its size is between 13-16 mm in length with two black stripes on the pronotum.

  • Detection and monitoring:
    It is the most important and frequent cockroach in the urban environment. They are usually found in hot and humid places. For this reason, they are present in kitchens, bathrooms, cracks near food or water, they are active at night.
    They tend to live in unhygienic places, being able to contaminate our environment and feed, they are vectors of bacteria. < / li>
  • Pest control: It consists of the application of techniques such as control measures through traps, gels or biocides.

What will we do to eliminate the cockroaches?

  • Inspection: we will check the indicated pest. This inspection can be done visually and with pheromone traps or food attractants.
  • Intervention: consists of the application of corrective measures through control points (physical or chemical). The physical intervention is carried out with traps and gels and the chemical intervention is carried out with biocidal products, normally with a safety period
  • Follow-up: our company can carry out personalized treatment (punctual, shock or with maintenance). Contact us and ask for them

American Cockroach or Red Cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

It is one of the largest cockroach species among those that can usually be found in homes, restaurants, hotels, schools, supermarkets, etc. In addition, this cockroach, native to tropical Africa, is the most common species in sewage systems and underground networks in cities.

What will we do to eliminate the cockroaches?

  • Detection and monitoring: They are usually found in places with presence of food, basements, damp places, sewage network. They move by running or flying and are active at night
  • Pest control: It consists of the application of techniques such as control measures through traps, gels or biocides.

Treatment against cockroaches

  • Installation of adhesive pheromone traps at strategic points to be captured
  • Application of specific gel product for the elimination of this pest
  • Application of specific powder product for the elimination of this pest
  • Spraying with a specific chemical for the complete elimination of this pest