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AntsWe put an end to the plague of these insects

The problem

The common ant, in our case, the black ant or the garden ant, is not a health hazard but it can be very annoying, however, it is possible that they have been in contact with surfaces of questionable hygiene and not It is recommended that they roam freely around our house, restaurant, etc... Starting in spring is when we can see the first ants in search of food. Their mission is simple, they go in all directions and their goal is to find food. Once they find it is when we already have the happy plague at home. Food leftovers, breadcrumbs, the typical dena that is not collected until the next morning, etc... Once they have found a possible food source, they move into your home. There are many insecticides on the market to put an end to ants, although they can be useful at certain times, we recommend hiring a qualified company to be able to put an end to the root ant problem. It is important to identify if it is a specific attack or if they have been installed in our home. If so, do not hesitate and call us so we can put an end to your problem.

Ants in our pantry
Ants in our pantry
Ants attacking our food scraps
Ants attacking our food scraps

Our solution

The first thing is to identify the type of ant and where the queen has settled or where the ants come from. If we have a garden or spaces with earth, we can usually identify it because we will find small holes surrounded by mounds of earth.

Once the nest has been discovered and the ant identified, we apply the most appropriate treatment.

Once the problem is over, a good practice guide should be applied, especially in the summer when these attacks proliferate more.


Guide to good practices and hygiene: In spring and summer, taking advantage of the good weather, is when we should be more attentive to this type of attack. Many times we can see a single ant that is inspecting the ground in search of food, these small signs can help us identify that we may be victims of an ant infestation.

It is important not to leave food remains, keep the surfaces of the kitchen and the places where we handle food clean, avoid bread crumbs or food remains on the floor and if we have been victims of a plague, do not forget to keep clean the area where it was located. the nest and continue to apply the good practice guide.