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Rat pest controlControl of rat plagues.

Control of rat plagues
Illes Control

Glue traps, cage traps, baits and rat poison.

The problem

rat problems

Rodents are a public health risk. They are a vector of diseases and contaminate foods, goods and water. Furthermore, they can cause severe damages in buildings and facilities.

Typical signs are the presence of living or dead animals, excrements, spoors of grease or urine, hair, gnaw marks and dens.

Rat pest control treatment

Our solution

The term of rat pest control refers to the entirety of techniques and methods that prevent and control the presence of rodents. For that purpose rodent baits and traps are placed in their paths and dens.

The term insect pest control refers to the entirety of techniques and methods used to avoid and control the appearance of harmful arthropods in a determined habitat.

Rat pest control is highly important, particularly with regard to the public health and in order to avoid structural damages in residential buildings, working places and warehouses.

Physical methods
Rat pest control treatment

Glue traps and cage traps.

Chemical methods
Use of baits in rodent bait stations.

Use of baits in rodent bait stations.

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Home mouse (Mus musculus): these are small grey rodents that usually live inside houses and premises. In buildings and facilities in general, the mice are installed anywhere they can find enough food and material for the burrow. They live mainly in attics, under the floor and in masonry cavities, where they gnaw their way through wooden partitions to kitchens and other places where they can find their food.
Common rat or Norway rat (Rattus norvergicus): It is the largest and most aggressive move freely through the sewage system, develops in all kinds of places, but is primarily associated with buildings, warehouses and warehouses. They can cause great economic losses in computer equipment and all kinds of materials. They are carriers of diseases.
Black rat (Rattus rattus): They move freely through elevated areas and can access homes using cables or tree branches. It was the cause of the Black Death during the Middle Ages.