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Insect pest control

Elimination of fly pests

Tired of flies?

Heat, humidity are parameters that favor the appearance of flies in our homes, bars and restaurants, hotels, but their presence is specifically in kitchens, and it can become a good headache if they are not provides a solution to the problem. & nbsp;

The main problem that these beings generate is that they are in contact with decomposing organic matter, remains of dead animals, feces, etc ... for that reason they constitute a risk vector in the transmission of infectious diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever or dysentery and not to mention the well-known tsetse fly that spreads the well-known and commonly called sleeping sickness.
Fortunately we can put an end to your fly problem

We apply specific repellants, install traps and insects that trap flies and other flying insects present in the home, establishment, premises, warehouse, etc.