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Subterranean termites Treatments against this type of termites

The problem

Approximately 99% of the termites we find are subterranean termites. Of all the termites, this species is the one that does the most damage. 

The subterranean termite attacks all the wood that is under cover. in contact with the wall and the ground. Once it attacks, this termite can invade the entire house. A mature colony can range from 20,000 workers to 5 million workers, and the primary queen of the colony lays 5,000 to 10,000 eggs per year, making her a destructive pest.

Our solution against termites

As we mentioned in the previous section on termites, the solutions would be the same

  • Sound detector for termites (AUDIOTERMES)
  • Humidity meter (HYGROMETER)
  • Motion detector (TERMATRAC)

Bait placement:

One of the most recommended solutions, and probably the definitive treatment, is the placement of baits. These baits take advantage of the termites' social status so that they stop eating the wood and thus feed on these baits.


Termite trap placed in the rafters
Termite trap placed in the rafters
Floor trap for termites
Floor trap for termites

Wood restoration service:

At Illes Control we also offer a wood restoration service, sometimes the painting of the beams does not allow us to apply the necessary treatment, which is why we strip in order to remove the paint and leave the beam in its natural form. Once the corresponding treatment has been applied, we return the beam to the desired finish.