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Woodworm Treatment and elimination of woodworm

When we see the first little holes appear in our wood we realize that it is time to call a professional to save our furniture and / or structures.

The problem

In general, this type of pest is very dangerous. Woodworm is characterized by piercing the wood producing a dust called quera which, in turn, is an indicator that this xylophagous insect has settled in our structures or wooden furniture.

We protect the wood and eliminate the plague of woodworm

As with the termite, we do not realize that the woodworm is there on our furniture until the plague moves on its way to destruction. At first it is installed in our structures and little by little it advances, creating those tunnels and destroying the wooden structure.

In addition to holes, the destructive power of woodworm makes the furniture sound hollow, which is another indication of its presence.

At Illes Control we carry out treatments to prevent and cure wood
At Illes Control we carry out treatments to prevent and cure wood
Application of curative treatments for wood
Application of curative treatments for wood

Our solution

Our team of professionals has long experience in preventive and curative treatments of wooden furniture against woodworm pests. We tell you some of the instruments we use to end them:

Sound amplifying device made by woodworm inside the wood.
Woodworm gradually creates tunnels and destroys the inside of structures and furniture.

Moisture meter

The hygrometer provides the relative humidity value in both wood and masonry walls.
It is advisable to know the humidity levels to analyze the risk of the installation.
Device that detects the moisture in the wood. The measuring electrodes consist of needles covered with insulating material along their entire length with the exception of the tip. The apparatus relates the electrical conductivity of the wood to the moisture content and reflects it on a percentage scale. Normal humidity in the wood of beams and frames is between 14 and 16% depending on the type of wood and the geographical location as well as the use to which the piece is intended (exterior, outdoors , protected, etc.).

Motion detector

Microwave emitting device used to detect movement inside structures, both masonry and wooden.
It acts as a radar detecting movement up to a distance of about 40 cm deep. The device emits non-destructive microwave radiation, which when it encounters a moving object, such as an insect, is sent back to the device and analyzed by it. Motion detection is transmitted in the form of a bar graph. The more movement there is, the wider the bar. It is used at the base of load-bearing walls, columns, beams, frame base, etc.

Our treatments against woodworm

Biological Methods

Antitermite baits It consists of the elimination of termite colonies using a product that prevents the molting and growth of termites (workers).

The bait is installed at control stations that interfere with areas of termite activity. The effects of the biocide act on the biological organism of termites, through their feeding habits, achieving the total elimination of the colony.

The active principles of these baits They are known as IGR's (chitin synthesis inhibitors), they are molecules synthesized in the laboratory of great persistence and durability that do not affect the ecosystem. These synthetic hormones prevent the production of chitin (the basic molecule for the development of the termite skeleton), altering and hindering the molting process of the termite that will weaken it. in front of their natural predators.

Chemical Methods

spraying Spray treatment is suitable for uncoated woods. For this, the insecticide and / or fungicide product is applied in order to obtain a protective film on the surface avoiding the action of xylophages.

injection </ strong> Injection treatment is the most suitable for treating structural elements, such as beams and columns, and door frames, etc. With this treatment, the entire piece of wood to be treated is impregnated.

The treatment consists of applying the insecticide and / or fungicide product under pressure through injection valves . For this, the injection valves are placed separated from each other. at a distance of approximately 30 cm with a 9.5 mm drill bit and distributing them in such a way as to achieve a correct distribution of the product throughout the entire wooden element to be treated. The number, distribution and size of the valves will depend of the wood species as well as from your section.

Physical Methods

Microwaves Microwave wood treatment is the physical method of xylophage treatment of wood applied by Illes Control. This system is used to solve all the problems of infestations in installations with wood that is fixed or that is not easy to dismantle: pallets, ceilings, beams, furniture, etc.

The technique is based on the use of short waves to efficiently eliminate the pest without causing damage to the structure. Therefore, it is a system with 100% efficiency and that is respectful with the environment. It is also an odorless method.

Xylophagous fungus removal with ecowood
Xylophagous fungus removal with ecowood
Ecowood treatment to keep wood safe
Ecowood treatment to keep wood safe

+ Info

In this video you can see the operation of the ecowood machine that consists of a microwave treatment that is lethal to insects and totally harmless to wood even if it has nails or metal surfaces </p >