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Dry termite Treatments against this type of termites

The problem

Aerial or drywood termite. This term comes from the common name given to K. flavicollis and Cryptotermes brevis in the United States – “Drywood termite” -. Perhaps this term is not very suitable for Kalotermes as it also eats damp wood. How, for example, in exterior wood carpentry (on balconies, terraces, overhangs…). Perhaps its abundance in exposed woods is due to the way in which new termite mounds originate, through their nuptial flights (generally from September to November).

It is found in the most humid regions of the Mediterranean area. Its termite mounds are between 1,000 and 1,500 individuals. Its termite mounds are excavated in the wood itself. In other words, its habitat is its own food.

The dry termite or also called the silent killer
The dry termite or also called the silent killer
In this image we can see a termite with wings with which they make their nuptial flights
In this image we can see a termite with wings with which they make their nuptial flights

The development of the colonies is slow, but its structural damage can be very serious in case of infestation of multiple colonies. The colonies are installed in the woods through nuptial flights that can occur in spring, although it is more common in autumn.
Like subterranean termites, the natural method of creating new colonies is by nuptial flight (swarming).

But in this case the primary reproductives (future queens) burrow into the wood instead of the ground. A differential characteristic between the underground primary breeder and that of k. flavicollis is a small light coloration its prognotum. Nor do the departure times of the flyers coincide.

They do not have a great capacity for movement like the subterranean termite, since K. flavicollis does not cross walls, but rather infests the wood in contact or very close (they can make small and very short exterior channels, but really unstable, since they are formed from their fecal pellets).

Although its size as an individual is greater than the subterranean termite, the dimensions of the termite mounds are much smaller, both in size and in number.

Our solution against termites

As we mentioned in the previous section on termites, the solutions would be the same

  • Sound detector for termites (AUDIOTERMES)
  • Humidity meter (HYGROMETER)
  • Motion detector (TERMATRAC)

Wood restoration service At Illes Control we also offer a wood restoration service, sometimes the painting of the beams does not allow us to apply the necessary treatment, which is why we stripper order to remove the paint and leave the beam in its natural form. Once the corresponding treatment has been applied, we return the beam to the desired finish.