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Garage Cleaning

Garage Cleaning Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces

Garage cleaning company

Garage cleaning company

Cleaning of all access areas, maintenance of the pavement, cleaning of cladding, cleaning of grease stains ... are some of the actions necessary to keep the garages in optimal condition for their operation.

The problem

Apparently we might think that a garage can be dirty, greasy, messy ... But it is not like that, cleaning a garage is important for many reasons, the first of all is our health. Why? is it important to our health? Well, because in a garage dust accumulates, expensive, bacteria ... In addition to keeping the extraction systems clean to avoid the accumulation of gases and toxic fumes that we swallow every time we park or take out our garage car

It is not only a garage cleaning service, we carry out disinfection and elimination of harmful microorganisms

Exhaust pipes, tire stains and grease cause the floor of a garage to deteriorate, even putting our car in danger. That is why we recommend carrying out routine cleaning of the garage for both individuals and communities to keep the garage in perfect condition for regular use.

The best specialists and the best machines for cleaning your garage

Our solution

The main thing is to carry out a thorough cleaning of all the elements of the garage. Cleaning of floors, smoke extraction and ventilation pipes, disinfection of vulnerable areas, etc ...

  • Garage floor cleaning and tune-up Cleaning the garage floor using a machine with rotating brushes that removes the most difficult dirt and stains along with a scrubbing system that will leave behind your garage floor in perfect condition for regular use.
  • Cleaning of extraction areas and pipes At Illes Control we have a cleaning service for pipes and smoke extraction systems.
  • Disinfection of vulnerable areas Along with cleaning, we offer the service of disinfection of those areas where pathogens, bacteria, bacteria and fungi accumulate.