Illes Control - control de plagas en Mallorca

At Illes Control we are a company authorized to carry out phytosanitary treatments and we have qualified personnel to provide service to this problem.

We have an advisory technician, who makes observations and controls the treatments to be carried out, so that we comply with the regulations established by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment.

Plant pests cause immense damages to the vegetation, by weakening it and facilitate further infestations.

Due to the lack of import control of plants and trees, former lack of knowledge, the abandonment of fields or the neglect of vegetation, as well as climate factors, problems caused by plant pests require systematic attention and maintainance, in order to prevent and eliminate insect and fungi infestations and preserve our nature, biodiversity and forests.

Illes Control is a company registered in the Registre oficial de prodcutors i operadors de mitjans de defensa fitosanitaris with the code IB-0710148, with which we are authorized to distribute and carry out the logistics of phytosanitary products, and to perform the application services of phytosanitary products with terrestrial means