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Carpet cleaning.

Cleaning and disinfection of carpets
Illes Control

Keep your carpet clean and free from mites.

The problem

carpet cleaning

A visitor´s first impression is the entrance of an office, a hotel or a building. In order to gain their trust, a special maintainance is necessary. Furthermore, maximal safety, health and cleanliness should be guaranteed for your visitors.

Carpets make every entrance look good because they avoid dirt being distributed in the whole building. It sticks to the carpet which helps keeping the floors clean and dry.

Carpets accumulate a lot of dirt and mites that make their cleaning difficult.

Our solution

steam cleaning and vacuum cleaning
carpet cleaning

Cleaning consists in steam cleaning and vacuum cleaning to ensure that the carpet fibre is protected.

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Carpet cleaning should not be done only when they look dirty. At least once a year it is advisable to clean the textiles we have at home. Although we see clean carpets, it accumulates dust mites, dust, moisture, various residues of the house, in addition to the exposure and friction they suffer when used. If we also have pets, surely our carpets are dirtier than we think.
Carpet cleaning is also suitable for those who suffer from allergies, as it is very likely that dust mites and large amounts of dust are found in a relatively clean carpet. These places are ideal for the proliferation of mites, leading to a general malaise on the part of those who suffer from allergy to them. Mainly cleanliness is important to eliminate mites as they can carry different diseases. Cleaning also eliminates odors and recovers the maximum appearance of the tissue.
In Illes Control we take care of your carpets and we take care of collecting it at home, cleaning it and returning it (as well as reinstalling it) with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We offer a fast and high quality service to companies and individuals.