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KitchenCleaning of exhaust hoods and kitchen filters.

Cleaning of exhaust hoods, ducts and kitchen filters
Illes Control

Disinfection and basic cleaning of grease and dirt.

The problem

kitchen cleaning with active foam

Flues installed in kitchens (exhaust hoods, filters, engines and outlets) can accumulate large amounts of grease, which reduces efficacy or produces smells, fires, contamination of goods, accidents, etc. Therefor, it is very important to maintain these installations properly and to disinfect them. We dispose of a cleaning and disinfection system, as well as a system to degrease flues.

Exhaust hoods filter smoke, smells and contamination that can build up in our kitchens.

Grease accumulates and requires regular maintainance to avoid potentionally dangerous residues.

disinfection of kitchen hoods

Exhaust hoods have a ventilation system that leads air through one or more filters, accumulates residues and cleans the air. The accumulated grease has to be cleaned regularly for sanitary reasons, as it can start to drop. A dirty, clogged filter prevents the correct function of the exhaust hood. But first and foremost the grease has to be removed from the filter because of danger of fire..

Our solution

Cleaning and disinfection of the exhaust hoods assures their correct function and helps to reduce risks and to avoid accidents.

Special equipment (high pressure).
cleaning of bells and filters by machine specific pressure

The cleaning of flues includes basic cleaning, where grease and other adherent substances are removed with special high pressure equipment and active foam through injection.

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