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Chimney cleaning

Chimney cleaning Chimney sweeping and chimney cleaning

Chimney sweeping and chimney cleaning

Chimney sweeping and chimney cleaning

Before winter starts or when the season ends to light the fireplace, call us and we will leave it ready and free of risks caused by use and lack of maintenance.

The problem

When we talk about chimney sweep , the Mary Poppins movie always comes to mind. The important work of the Chimney Sweepers Guild was fundamental in London at the beginning of the 20th century. To this day, chimney cleaning and chimney sweeping companies continue to be essential to avoid a large number of problems derived from the lack of maintenance of this type of smoke extraction ducts.
Periodic checks of the chimneys are important and this will depend on whatever kind they are. We will need to perform a maintenance check of the flue pipes at least once a year, whether it is wood or pellet or other types of combustion ... as long as we do not notice any of it. n change in the operation of the fireplace, as if so, we should call a chimney sweep and cleaning company.

Keep the chimney clean and free of soot.

Cleaning and sweeping a chimney is essential to optimize the draft and avoid fires produced by the combustion of soot adhering to the internal walls of the chimney. It is also important to remove and clean all possible objects or even leaves and branches that may have been trapped inside the fireplace.

Our solution

We carry out cleaning and chimney sweeping of both wood, biomass or diesel.
The service consists of conducting inspections with a video camera to avoid any type of leakage or smoke plaster into the home. Subsequently, the pertinent cleaning and chimney sweeping actions are carried out. For this, at Illes Control we have the best systems since in this way we guarantee the perfect conservation of the chimney or the smoke extraction duct

Maintenance is essential for the proper use of your fireplace.

Illes Control cleaning and fixing a chimney
Illes Control cleaning and fixing a chimney

The main problem is the accumulations of soot and other types of debris that have accumulated during the summer or inactivity season.

The accumulation of these soot and / or debris can cause poisoning or even fires. Soot is highly flammable and with the heating of the chimney flue, it can cause accidents inside the home.

The accumulation of debris in the chimney flue can cause bad odors, obstructions and smoke to get inside your house.

For these reasons we recommend that you carry out periodic reviews and maintain the health of your fireplace and that of your family in perfect condition.