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Technical cleaning

Technical cleaning Claims, trauma, graffiti, squatters and businesses

Technical cleaning

Technical cleaning

As its name suggests, technical cleaning requires qualified personnel since we do not know what we can find, from dangerous elements to substances that apparently do not have any danger but that can be fatal.

The problem

I have had an occupation in one of my homes, or there has been a flood in my house, or a fire has destroyed my office or I need a cleaning of my tanks or a chimney sweep ... these types of situations require cleaning carried out by a specialist. Know what Doing and acting in each of these situations is part of our service.

Technical cleaning after accidents or abandonment of homes.

Cleaning and emptying belongings burned or damaged by water, chimney sweeping to prevent emissions of dangerous gases, cleaning and repairing water tanks. These prevention, maintenance, cleaning and repair actions are part of our DNA as technical cleaning specialists.

Our solution

Taking into account the type of action that must be carried out in each case.

Maintenance of facilities, waste collection and specialized house cleaning.

Cleaning of accidents in homes :
After an unpleasant event such as a fire, a collapse or any type of accident in which we need the help of a team of professionals to make a withdrawal and emptying of debris.
At Illes Control, we are those specialists, we take care of the removal of objects and useless material. Later we carry out a thorough cleaning of the home or business as well. such as the removal of debris or unusable materials and later if desired a total cleaning and disinfection.

Traumatic cleanings :
Unfortunately, after an accident or the death of a loved one, we find ourselves in a situation that requires the help of a professional. At Illes Control we carry out a cleaning and disinfection service of the room, rooms or the entire house, we can also get rid of belongings. if you need more information click here and contact us.

Cleaning of rental homes or cleaning of occupied floors :
We all know how a home is left after the passage of visitors, tenants or even, unfortunately , you occupy. Sometimes it happens that you have to proceed to a pest control system in the home or the removal of debris or useless materials, as well as as well as the cleaning and disinfection of the entire house. We have a team of specialists who will leave your home looking like new in record time.

Cleaning in bars and restaurants :
The day of a local or restaurant is a coming and going of people who over time reduce their useful life of the facilities thus such as the accumulation of germs and bacteria that endanger the quality of the services and products that we can offer. At Illes Control we carry out specific cleaning services in bars and restaurants, we move the furniture for a perfect cleaning and disinfection of the facilities. We perform degreasing of walls and ducts.

Cleaning of laundry ducts :
Laundry ducts and more specifically in dryers, with use, different types of fibers, fluff, fabrics ... that endanger the useful life of the appliances. In addition, it can cause a fire, heating of the environment, deficiencies in the use of machines ... For these reasons, a maintenance service carried out by cleaning specialists such as Illes control is very important.

Cleaning of refrigerators :
Prevention and maintenance of refrigerating chambers is essential to obtain good performance and prolong their useful life.
At Illes Control we carry out periodic maintenance based on a cleaning service and tune-up of the chambers. cold stores. Review and condition of the joints and insulation, review and cleaning of the condenser and evaporator of the cold room, maintenance and hygiene of the refrigeration panels as well; such as removing ice, checking the operation of valves and safety elements.