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Technical cleaningGraffiti removal, debris removal and special cleaning.

Property cleaning, chimney sweeping and diesel fuel tank
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Special cleaning service

The problem

Special cleaning service

I have had an occupation in one of my homes, or there has been a flood in my home, or a fire has destroyed my office or I need a cleaning of my gas tank or a cleaning of the chimney... these types of situations require cleaning by a specialist. Knowing what to do and how to act in each of these situations is part of our service.

Technical cleaning after accidents or abandonment of homes.

Cleaning and emptying burnt or deteriorated belongings by water, sweeping a chimney to prevent emissions of dangerous gases, cleaning and repairing fuel tanks. These actions of prevention, maintenance, cleaning and repair are part of our DNA of specialists in technical cleaning.

Our solution

Special cleaning service

Taking into account the type of action to be developed in each case

Maintenance of installations, waste collection and specialised cleaning of dwellings.

Special cleaning service

Cleaning up of claims in dwellings:
This is a service for emptying and cleaning claims. We take care of the removal of objects and unusable material. Subsequently, we carry out a thorough cleaning of the home or business as well as the removal of debris or unusable materials.

Cleaning of fireplaces (firewood, biomass, gasoil and gas):
We carry out inspections with video camera to avoid any type of filtration or smoke plaster inside the house. Cleaning and maintenance are necessary to optimise the draught and avoid fires caused by the combustion of soot adhered to the internal walls of the chimney.

Cleaning of rented dwellings or cleaning of occupied flats:
Sometimes it happens that it is necessary to proceed to a system of control of plagues in the housing or to the removal of rubble or useless materials. We have a team of specialists who will leave your home as new in record time. Cleaning and repair of fuel tanks: We carry out the following cleaning actions:

  • Suction of hydrocarbon sludge and water from the bottom with vacuum suction equipment.
  • Aspiration of the clean diesel and storage in a temporary deposit.
  • Pulverization of the residual gas oil on the walls of the tank to remove the remains of sediments and mud.
  • Extraction of waste (sludge, mud, water...), storage, transport and management.
  • Transfer of the fuel from the provisional tank to the tank, at the same time carrying out a micro-filtering process.
  • Periodic cleaning of your tanks will help you protect your engines and boilers, reduce emissions and reduce maintenance costs.

Special cleaning service

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