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Treatments pine-processionary moth.

Treatment of the pine-processionary moth
Illes Control

Control and solutions for the appearance of the pine-processionary moth.

The problem

pine processionary

This is a seasonal pest that infests the pine tree and appears in October or later, depending on climatic conditions. The infestation can cause severe damages to pine tree forests and weaken the trees.

The processionary moth can cause allergies and severe skin rashes to humans and pets. .

Our solution

procession trunk trap

At Illes Control, the methods to control the processionary moth varies, depending on the insect´s different stages of development: .

  • Placement of pheromone traps: June-July. .
  • Placement of traps for adult species: February-May.
  • Capture of reproductive adults: August.
  • Air- and groundbased spraying or injection/ endotherapy: September-December:

Treatment with injection (endotherapy)
procession injection treatment

Injection of pesticide or fertilizer into the vascular part of the plant (mainly the xylem) through the tree sap. This method is 100% effective and does not require any spraying.

Biological treatment by spraying the Bacillus thruringiensis
biological processionary treatment

Chemical treatment by spraying a growth regulator
processional chemical treatment

  • Removal and destruction of the caterpillar nests: November- February:
  • Treatment by spraying and removal of nests
    procession spray treatment

    Placements of traps for the pine processionary moth at the trunk of the tree, in order to prevent the caterpillar to proceed down the tree and burrow underground. This interrupts the life cycle of the animal.

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