Illes Control - control de plagas en Mallorca

Treatments garden plagues.

Treatment of insect pests and fungi in gardens
Illes Control

Solution for insect pests and fungi in gardens.

The problem

fumigation plague aphid

Plants and trees in our gardens and vegetable gardens can be infested by pests and diseases that compromise the development of the plant. We perform preventive and curative treatments in order to avoid possible damages, depending on the location and the developmental stage of the larva.

Aphids, greenhouse whitefly, scale insects (cochinilla algodonosa), thrips.

Our solution

garden pests

Results and benefits.

  • Eradication of plant and tree deseases
  • Improvement of resistance against plant and tree deseases
  • Reduction of plant and tree deseases and in the environment
  • Optimize the profitability of our trees and plants


  • Identify the pest or desease of the plant
  • Preventive approach to reduce damage
  • Treatment of the plant considering: procedure, pesticide, method and season

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