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Insect pest controlControl of insect plagues.

Control of insect plagues
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Spraying, treatments and prevention of insect pests.

The problem

Insect pest control mallorca

The presence and extension of pests can have different causes. For example water sources, like water surfaces or decorative fountains, uncontrolled food sources, accessible waste, empty plots or subterranean dumpsters, as well as the amount of wells, streets, industrial areas, municipal facilities, parks and gardens, and even the number of inhabitants. Furthermore, very high temperatures, poor maintainance and/ or poor cleaning in general contribute to the extension of pests. Other factors that lead to pests may be transit areas of people and commodities, as well as lack of information or awareness in the urban population.

The presence of insects and arthropodes pose a potential risk for humans and animals, since they can cause diseases and damages in our living spaces and/ or offices.

Our solution

Insect pest control solution

Insect pest control uses chemical products (fumigation), mechanical or simple measures of sanitation to eliminate insects. The term of insect pest control refers to the entirety of techniques and methods that prevent and control the presence of certain harmful arthropode species in a determinated habitat.

The term of insect pest control refers to the entirety of techniques and methods that prevent and control the presence of certain harmful arthropode species in a determinated habitat.

Our main objective is to avoid the appearance of arthropodes above a tolerable number. For this purpose we have the best and most efficient means in order to control pests.

physical – mechanical measures
Insect pest control

Use of 100% environment- friendly measures: cage traps, monitoring systems, vacuuming, application of heat or cold, barriers, etc. A treatment that eliminates the insect in all phases of ist life cycle. It doesn´t harm the environment and is considered a 100% ecological and effective method.

Chemical methods - fumigation
Chemical methods - fumigation

Application of the most adequate method con the most efficient products, in order to take action against the respective organism.

"Fumigation consists in the disinfection of the affected element, house, plant or furniture, by application of toxic or very toxic gas. Fumigation usually means the use of insectizides in order to curb a pest infestation."

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Illes Control offers a fast and efficient service against cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, mites, wasps, etc. Contact us!

    • Elimination of cockroaches
    • Elimination of mites
    • Flea removal
    • Elimination of ants 
    • Tiger mosquitoes
    • Wasps
    • Elimination of bedbugs
    • Elimination of flies and mosquitoes
    • Wood wasps
    • Siricidae
    • Silverfish
    • Chessy bugs 


The three most important species related to the human habitat are:

  • German cockroach (Blatella germanica) is the most abundant of all. We can find these cockroaches where people live: houses, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc. Their reproductive capacity is enourmous and they are very resistant to heat. These insects usualyy hide into motors, cash registers, coffee machines, ovens,etc. All this can mean the loss of said devices.
  • Black or common cockroach (Blatta oriental) is larger than the previous and its range of action is greater, we can find in bathrooms, false ceilings, basements, etc. They are transmitters of diseases and the common response of people to see a cockroach is associated with the lack of cleanliness and hygiene, giving a bad image if you have this kind of plague.
  • American cockroach (Periplaneta americana): It's the largest. It has a reddish color and large wings, which allow it to fly. They can acces the interior of establishments, houses, via drains, airway, etc. 


Flies frequent manure, garbage, carrion, waste and food. They pick up bacteria and germens in their legs and body, transporting them from one place to another. They are therefore carriers and propagators of diseases. Apart they are extremely annoying and they give a bad image when you see food covered by them. There are several types of flies: house fly, meat fly, blue fly, vinegar fly, sewer fly, etc. 


Mosquitoes can spread diseases to both animals and people: Leishmaniasis, chikungunya fever, etc. There are several control methods: 

  • Larva control: Bacillus thuringiensis is usually used.
  • Control of oviposition sites 
  • Control of adult mosquitoes trough capture traps or trough chemical treatments


There are different treatments foy your control:

  • Withdrawal of wasps
  • Placement of traps
  • Treatment with chemicals 


They are hemiptera insects of the family Cimicidae. They feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals. There are different types f adult mosquitoes trough capture traps or trough chemical treatments.of treatments:

  • Physical-mechanical treatment: consists of the apliccation of dry heat. This treatment eliminates all life stages of the insect. It does not harm the environment and is 100% ecological and effective.
  • Chemical treatment 

It is also recommended to cover the infested mattresses. In Illes Control we have anti-bedbugs mattress covers that ensure complete protection against mites and bed bugs. They are breathable, waterproof, with security zipper closure and easy to attach. 





It is the set of actions that, in a joint and coordinated manner, are aimed at the control of pests. The plan will consist of:

 Monitoring program:

Includes the set of actions aimed at detecting the presence of pests. Control and eradication actions will depend on its result. It will follow the following scheme:

 WHAT to monitor: rodents, insects ....

HOW: adhesive traps, bait consumption, pheromones.

WHO: personnel of the industry or hiring an external pest control company.

WHERE: in the places defined in the plan.

WHEN: with the necessary periodicity.

 Treatment / control program:

It includes the set of actions aimed at eliminating the detected pests. It will also follow the following scheme:

 WHAT to eliminate: rodents, insects ..

HOW: application of pesticide products, physical traps ...

WHO: personnel of the industry or hiring an external pest control company.

WHERE: in the places defined in the plan.

WHEN: a plague has been detected.

Documents and records:

Plan of the facilities: With indication of placement of baits and traps.
Record of surveillance actions and / or treatment.
Service contract with the application company.
Certificates of surveillance and / or treatment.
Record of incidents and corrective measures