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Control of Legionella bacteria

Legionella Company for control of Legionella bacteria in Mallorca

Cleaning and disinfection, consulting and revision for Legionella bacteria.

Cleaning and disinfection, consulting and revision for Legionella bacteria.

The problem

The legionella is a bacteria that grows and multiplies in water. Therefor, every watersystem in a building, including potable water supply, can be a risk factor and can be infected in any place.

An legionella infection can cause Pontiac-fever, a flu-like condition, or even legionellosis, a severe pneumonia that can be deadly.

In order to prevent infections, a treatment for disinfection and increase of water quality is necessary..

Poorly designed water systems that are not maintained or not well maintained, as well as stagnant water, can favour the growth and colonization of legionella bacteria. Sludge, organic material, corrosive material and amoeba form a biofilm that can increase the risk of an infection. In combination with a temperature that favours the bacteria growth, concentrations rise to a level that is pathogenic for humans. Installations that release or spray water into the air can affect the respiratory system, as small droplets in the air that carry the bacteria can cause an infection.

Our solution

Illes Control delivers a broad section of services, under the royal decree 865/2003, including documentation, consulting, cleaning and disinfection.

CONSULTING: We offer consulting services prior to inspections by public health authorities, advise in case of deviation or deficiencies in installations, and we inform you of potential methods that should be applied.

We test the water for legionella
We test the water for legionella
According to the results obtained, we apply the corresponding treatment
According to the results obtained, we apply the corresponding treatment


  • we create a control register.
  • we create and check the control register regularly, to ensure the compliance with the requirements and document and inform about any deviations.
  • Comprehensive management: in the control register all defined and conducted measures are documented and revised.
  • we establish a program to prevent and control the legionella bacteria: the service includes the analysis of the situation, a program for water treatment, final analysis and a risk analysis of the installation.

Cleaning and disinfection:

Watersystems for hot and potable water are cleaned and disinfected at least once a year, before commissioning, after the system is shut down for more than a month, after repair or modification of the structur, before general inspections or if public health authorities demands it.

Hot water systems: thermal disinfection

  • The system is emptied, and, if necessary, the walls of the water deposits are cleaned thoroughly and carefully rinsed with clear, clean water, after the necessary repairs are done.
  • The water reservoir is filled and water is heated to 70 degrees for two hours. Subsequently, section by section is opened for about 5 minutes. It is ensured that all terminal units of the system reach a temperature of 60 degrees.
  • The water reservoir is emptied and filled again for regular use.


Cold potable water: chemical disinfection

Elements that can be dismantled, like faucets and showers, are cleaned thoroughly with appropiate products that eliminate incrustations and residues by submerging them for 30 minutes in a chloric solution (20mg/l) and then rinsing them with cold, clear water.