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Water qualityCleaning of water reservoirs and waterproofing of water tank.

Cleaning and disinfection of reservoirs, cisterns and depots
Illes Control

Analysis, treatments and maintainance for water quality.

The problem

Cleaning and disinfection of tanks

Water is a fundamental molecule (H2O) for life and the main element of all living organisms. Therefor, control and evaluation of water quality is very important. Water can be contaminated by human activity and lose its quality. For example, through cooking, preparation of food, drinking, personal hygiene and other household activities.

Water can contain contaminating micro-organisms, sands and rust, or heavy metals that end up in our body.

Water we accumulate in tanks and depots is usually rain water or tap water. Rain water comes from the roofs and/ or roof gutters that are in unknown conditions. They can be covered with bird excrements along side with other particles like pollen or sands, etc. If the water comes from the municipal water system and runs through our pipes, there can be found numerous pathogenics that accumulate over time and finally sediment in our tanks and depots.

Indications we can observe are smells, colouring and taste of the water.

Our solution

Cleaning and disinfection of tanks

Water is used for many purposes: cooking, drinking, preparation of food, personal hygiene and numerous other household activities.

Cleaning and disinfection of tanks and depots is the adequate solution for the optimal maintainance of water systems.

Cleaning and disinfection:

Emptying, cleaning and chemical disinfection is made with:

  • hard brush
  • water and sodium hypochlorite
  • Karcher high-pressure cleaner
  • bilge pump
  • vacuum cleaner for liquids

Taking a water sample for water quality analysis:

Parameters for the determination of water quality:

Cleaning and disinfection of tanks

  • detection, counting and identification of baacteria: Legionella, total coliform and fecal coliform bacteria.
  • turbidity of water
  • electric conductivity
  • iron content
  • biocide level
  • PH level
  • water hardness
  • alkalinity
  • Sulfates
  • Chloride
  • Ryznar-index
  • Langelier-index

+ info

Emptying, cleaning and disinfecting a cistern at least once a year is of utmost importance because it prevents the transmission of diseases caused by the use or consumption of dirty water. It is especially an ideal place for the proliferation of legionella.
In the case of cisterns cleaning is very important because the solid particles that accompany the water from the network, are accumulating at the bottom. It is also necessary to use disinfectants to combat the proliferation of bacteria.
For this reason, Illes Control carries out a treatment of emptying, cleaning and very deep disinfection to avoid the problems derived from these. At the end, the remaining chlorine in the cistern is always neutralised.
 Waterproofing and repair work is also carried out on cisterns.