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Water quality

Cleaning and waterproofing of cisterns and cisterns

The problem

Generally, the water that accumulates in cisterns comes from rainwater.
In the case of rainwater, this is collected by the roofs and / or gutters, which usually do not have a good cleaning, since bird droppings and many types of particles such as pollen, sand , leaves, etc.
In the case of water from the network, it usually does not have problems, since it comes from the public water supply company in question, which carries out exhaustive controls on the quality of the water; but, even so, as it runs through pipes, and certain contaminants and particles may be on the walls of these, carry out cleaning and disinfection to ensure that the water present has good parameters. The parameters that indicate the bad state of the water are the smell, color and taste of the water.

For your health and for your economy

The passage of time, together with changes in temperature, generate bacteria and pathogens that contaminate drinking water both in the cisterns and in the reservoirs. In addition, cracks may appear that cause leaks that can scare the bill, put structures at risk and cause humidity.

For these reasons it is recommended to carry out an annual maintenance, taking into account the type, if it is a cistern, a cistern or even a safareig and if it contains drinking water or not.

From Illes Control we ensure the cleaning, disinfection and waterproofing of cisterns and cisterns, following the protocol established in Royal Decree 140/2003 which establishes the sanitary criteria for water quality in human consumption, through a subsequent certification after carrying out the work, so that the water present is of quality and complies with the parameters so that it can be consumed with total peace of mind by the human being.
All workers are professionals in the sector and perform the work efficiently and effectively and with all the safety measures required by these confined space work services.

Our solution


We proceed to emptying and cleaning and chemical disinfection by using:

  • Hard brush
  • Water and sodium hypochlorite
  • Karcher pressure washer
  • Bilge pumps
  • Liquid vacuum cleaner


Sometimes we are not aware of how damaged a cistern, cistern or safareig can be until it is cleaned or until it is too late, so it is important to make revisions, keep it in perfect condition and carry out a good waterproofing of our cisterns and cisterns. Avoiding wasting the water present and eliminating all types of leaks and / or cracks present.

Leave the cleaning and waterproofing of your cisterns in our hands!


The emptying, cleaning and disinfection of a cistern, cistern or tank is recommended at least once a year, since it prevents the transmission of diseases that causes the poor state of the water, sometimes generating the presence of the Legionella bacteria
In the case of the cisterns, cleaning is very important since it Solid cells that accompany the mains water, settle to the bottom causing sludge that does not allow the water to be in good condition to be consumed.
In Illes Control, an emptying, cleaning, disinfection and waterproofing is carried out & ndash; repair of the water installation that is in poor condition or you simply want to verify its good condition.