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Air quality

Air quality Cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning

Cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning systems

Cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning systems

Fortunately or unfortunately we have learned in these times that the quality of the air we breathe is very important, then we will explain a series of problems derived from poor air quality and their solutions.

The problem

A large part of the daily activities carried out by human beings take place inside buildings, which is why the prevention and maintenance systems in air quality has become an issue safety and health.

Due to socioeconomic and energy factors, these buildings have undergone various changes (in their design, in their characteristics, in the proliferation of equipment such as photocopiers, computers, etc.) that generate negative effects on the health of the occupants. From there the need for these installations of the air conditioning systems to be correctly designed, installed and maintained by qualified and experienced personnel, as well as as well as periodically reviewed and inspected.

Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning systems is essential to avoid negative effects on our health.

The physical factors that influence comfort are mainly related to relative humidity, average air speed, temperature and noise. In addition, there are chemical pollutants including carbon dioxide (indicative of insufficient fresh air indoors), carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, organic compounds volatiles, suspended particles, ozone, radon, etc. and various pathogens. In short, a "cocktail" of pollutants that the population faces on a daily basis, not only in buildings, but also present in the outdoor air, water, food, products of consumption, etc. and of which it is quite complex to know their composition, the daily exposure dose, and their interaction with the human body and the environment.

Our solution

For your safety, that of your family, that of your workers and that of your clients, Illes Control performs Indoor Air Quality Audits in the food industry, in buildings, in clinics, in operating rooms. According to the classification of your installation, the regulations establish the parameters that are measured:

  • CO2 (ventilation rate)
  • CO
  • Temperature and relative humidity (thermal comfort)
  • Particles in suspension PM 2.5, PM10
  • Control of particulate matter on the surface of impulse ducts
  • Bacteria and fungi in the environment
  • Gases
  • Environmental noise
  • Ambient lighting
  • Ozone
  • Actions and procedure

Our treatments to control air quality

  • Cleaning and disinfection:
    Cleaning and disinfection & nbsp; of the air conditioning systems of the impulse and return ducts, of the UTA (treatment unit of air) and diffusers. Good maintenance and as always a preventive control to protect the health of your family or your workers.
  • Verification and advice:
    Verification and advice & nbsp; of the sanitation of air conditioning systems. Visual, microbiological and particulate matter inspection of the system.
  • Initial Diagnosis and Inspection:
    Initial Diagnosis and Inspection & nbsp; of Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Health.

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Avoid Sick Building Syndrome

Concern for environmental quality inside buildings is growing. The most frequent complaints from staff, in buildings with microbial contamination in indoor air, are unpleasant odors with a feeling of stuffy environment, musty smell, irritation of throat and nose, stinging of eyes, headache , tearing, allergies, etc. We clean and sanitize air conditioning and extraction ducts in buildings, publics, official bodies, neighborhood communities, office buildings, etc.

Standards UNE 100.012 (Standard for Hygienization of Air Conditioning Systems) and UNE 171.330 (Indoor Environmental Quality).