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Air qualityCleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning systems.

Cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning
Illes Control

Diagnosis and inspection of quality and environmental health in interiors.

The problem

Cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning

The greater part of our daily activities takes place inside of buildings, which means that air quality is very important when it comes to safety and health.

Due to socio-economic and energetic factors a lot of buildings have gone through a number of changes that have a negative impact on their residents (e.g. design, features, increase of equipment like copy machines, computers, etc.) It is nessecary to plan, install and maintain these facilities correctly, as well as perform regular controls and inspections with qualified and experienced personnel.

Health effects: breathing difficulties, nausea, vertigo, irritation of the respiratory system and the eyes, bronchitis, lung cancer, infectious deseases, etc.

Physical factors that have an effect on comfort are mainly related to relative humidity, air speed, temperature and noise disturbance. Furthermore, there are chemical contaminants like carbon dioxide (indication of insufficient air circulation in indoor spaces), carbon monoxide, sulphur oxide, volatile organic compounds, released particles, ozone, radon, etc., as well as various pathogenic substances. It is a „cocktail“ of contaminants that humans are exposed to every day, not only in buildings, but through air, water, food and other consumer goods, etc., too. The analysis of the composition, daily dose, as well as its interaction with the human body and its environment is very complex.

Our solution

For your safety and the safety of your personnel and customers, Illes Control performs revisions of air quality inside of facilities of the food industry, in buildings, hospitals and operating theatres. Depending on the facility, regulations determine the parameters that have to be measured:

  • CO2 (ventilation rate)
  • CO
  • temperature and relative humidity (thermal comfort)
  • released particles PM 2,5, PM10
  • control of particulate mass on surfaces of supply air duct
  • bacteria y mildew in the air
  • gases
  • noise pollution
  • light pollution
  • ozone
  • measures and procedures

Cleaning and disinfection
Cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning

Cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning, supply and exhaust air ducts, air treatment system and air distributor.

Verification and consulting services

Verification and consulting services regarding sanitization of air-conditioning systems. Visual, microbiological and particle inspection.

First diagnosis and inspection

First diagnosis and inspection of quality and environmental health in interiors.

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Avoid Sick Building Syndrome
Concern for environmental quality inside buildings is growing. The most frequent complaints of the personnel, in buildings with microbial contamination in indoor air, are unpleasant smells with a feeling of a stuffy atmosphere, wet smell, throat and nose irritation, itchy eyes, headache, tearing, allergies, etc. We clean and sanitize air conditioning and extraction ducts in buildings, public, official bodies, neighborhood associations, office buildings, etc.